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Hawaii Fishing Stories: Big Marlin Biting!

On Saturday, April 14, the Bite Me 2 caught a huge 680 lb Pacific Blue Marlin “Kajiki.” The anglers on board were a group of snowboarders from the Zombie Boardshop in Minnesota. 24 miles off shore Captain Brad and deckhand Hector helped angler Shawn get the marlin in the boat in a mere 25 minute fight! The group is having their Marlin taxiderimied with Grays Taxidermy in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Hawaii Fishing 680 Marlin FullIronically, it’s a fishing legend that bringing bananas on the boat are bad luck. The ancient Hawaiians have said that the when the pioneers came over with bananas on the boats that snakes were coiled in the bunches and ended up killing everybody on the boat. This group, however, defied the odds and were “666 bananas deep,” and lucky enough to land this monster along with a 25lb shortnose spearfish “Hebi.”











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